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Phoenix Thoroughbreds welcomes the resumption of racing in France.

Phoenix Thoroughbreds welcomes the resumption of racing in France.

Phoenix Thoroughbreds welcomes the resumption of racing in France and the positive impact that this will have on the entire equine industry globally.

We are delighted that the French Government has expressed its support of a phased-in resumption of the racing programme from Monday, May 11, and has announced financial aid for racing in the country. The permission for racing to take place at ParisLongchamp is very good news as the sector begins its healing process following on from the disruption of the most recent pandemic.

We hope this green light will start the process to getting back to business for the entire international racing community and show that the sport can be conducted safely behind closed doors initially and we hope that other racing authorities are able to follow suit.

An outline of the programme to get certain countries racing again would be welcome for all those impacted due to the industry’s current shutdown. By identifying those racecourses which are able to fulfil the safety requirements of racing behind closed doors, albeit under strict resumption models, the industry can start the process of getting back to normal.

Advertise won the Prix Maurice Du Gheest in 2019.

Whilst the resumption of racing is welcomed across the board and, of course, we applaud moves made by racing authorities and individual tracks at putting public safety first, these measures have necessarily had a serious impact on the industry and we are keen to see the racing world kick-started again, whilst adhering to all the restrictions that importantly maintain everyone’s safety and health.

Although a very difficult time for all involved, we welcome these initial steps to getting back to normality and would like to thank all our trusted partners, trainers, stud farms, pre-trainers, their staff, jockeys and all supporting industries for helping to keep our horses happy and safe during these extraordinary circumstances.

Amer Abdulaziz Salman, CEO of Phoenix Thoroughbreds, said:

“We are a global company and European racing is extremely important to our business. The current Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating to so many across the world and the racing industry has not been exempt from these unprecedented challenges.

“I would like to thank Édouard de Rothschild — the president of France Galop – for bringing racing back to France safely and I hope that this is one of the first few steps to getting the industry back on its feet in the coming months. We have been lucky enough to enjoy some great victories in France, winning both the Prix Maurice Du Gheest and Prix Robert Papin in recent years, and we look forward to racing back there again soon”