Phoenix Team - Founder
Founder & CEO
Amer Abdulaziz

Amer drives the firms vision and leads corporate development and governance matters.

Amer’s professional background is focused primarily in the areas of strategic and fiscal planning, as well as corporate communication. He has designed programmes and implemented tactics in communications strategy, investor relations, government and media, crisis management and fundraising.

Prior to setting up Phoenix Fund Investments, Amer has worked with high-value clients to secure multimillion dollar investment opportunities with multinational companies around the world.

Having grown up on a family farm in Bahrain that was a top breeder of Arabian horses, Amer later became a Champion owner four years in a row from 1980 to 1984. His love for horses has kept him in the equine industry for the past 35 years, during which he has developed a nexus of contacts between Europe, the United States and Australia. Amer has developed unique insight into the thoroughbred industry by visiting numerous stud farms worldwide and attending all major races and auctions. A horse owner to this day, he has been involved in numerous high-end trades and served as a consultant for others in the purchasing of stallions.